If you are tired of hearing your cabinet doors bang when you shut them, there is a solution. A very simple fix can take care of the problem. It takes only a few minutes and doesn’t even require a screwdriver.



Open your cabinet door. Close it again, and as you do, check where the door first contacts the cabinet. Continue opening and closing the door, checking at the front of the cabinet and at the side, to determine exactly where the door is hitting.

1: Mark the place where the door hits the cabinet with a pen.

2: Purchase cabinet bumpers from www.Softclose.com and apply it to the mark you

3: Open and close the cabinet door, watching to see where the bumper and door makecontact. If the door still hits the cabinet, place another bumper on the door in the right spot.

4: Repeat this process for each cabinet.

5: SoftClose.com has your safety in mind as well with their soft close hinges and dampers .

Many incidents go unreported because safety precautions are not taken for door dampers.

There are accidents for kids under the age of five. You can avoid needless injuries and potential liability

claims by installing a Soft Close hinge or damper. You can relax knowing your little ones

fingers are safe when using our soft close hinges and dampers. It’s a smart home

improvement purchase that has been used to increase property value, while also giving your

home a high-end designer feel. Whether you own or rent, you deserve to love where you live.


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